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Professions of an anti-Dogmite

The beliefs of an unbeliever.



"Lies wouldn't exist but for believers"

If someone tells a lie, and there's nobody around to hear it, does it make a false impression?

If someone tells a lie, and no one believes it, is the teller a liar – or a fool?

Usually lies are believed because they're not recognized as lies. Yet sometimes we suspect a lie, but choose to believe it anyway. Then there's the lies we tell ourselves to avoid a discomforting truth. In all cases, to be effective, a lie must be believed. So why do we blame the liar for our mistaken beliefs?

It's our autocentric mind that sets us up for lies. Assuming that it can independently ordain the truth, it's easy for our mind to equate belief with truth: "If I believe it, than it must be true." And we can uphold this tautology until of course reality comes along and proves the belief is empty of the truth, or counter to it. Left holding a worthless belief, it's easier to scapegoat the liar that sold it to us than admit to a bad cognitive investment. But a mind that consistently looks to reality instead of belief for the truth isn't such an eager lie enabler: "Yes that's fascinating – but is it true? Let's find out together."

As we take more responsibility for the integrity of our beliefs, we aren't so easily deceived, and our lives will go better. Reality, which never lies, guarantees it.

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