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Professions of an anti-Dogmite

The beliefs of an unbeliever.

Professions of an anti-Dogmite



I, wary of the autocentric mind's bias and in favor of reality's radiant truth, with the intention of living in harmony with myself, humanity, life, and the Earth, profess that:


1.   No professions of truth shall be taken literally.

2.   Reality defines the human mind – not the other way around.

3.   We never change reality, but we sure affect its latency.

4.   All belief is based on suspect reasoning.

5.   Knowledge is a poor substitute for understanding.

6.   Opinions are pointless (and never humble).

7.   All concepts are fantasy and shouldn't be mistaken for reality.

8.   Reality is the first author of all knowledge and understanding.

9.   The human mind can only recognize the truth, not govern it.

10.  The actual truth is never equivocal.

11.   Lies wouldn't exist but for believers.

12.  Reality is incapable of illusion.

13.  Reality is flawless.

14.  Uniqueness is a shared condition.

15.  Reality is unfalsifiable.

16.  'God' is a poor name for reality.

17.  The suffering of reality is a privilege not to be squandered.

18.  Reality is ultimately beneficent.

19.  Enlightenment is a collective result.

20.  Enlightenment is only attainable now.

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